About the International Scrum Institute

About US

The International Scrum Institute is dedicated to helping IT professionals gain expertise in this new and exciting open project management framework. Scrum helps companies organize their workflow and become more productive. The Institute has served over 628,700 professionals in 143 countries.

The Institute offers programs in both Scrum and Kanban, another popular task management system that is used by a number of prominent companies around the world.

Scrum helps companies by coordinating their teamwork across multiple tasks. It enables teams to display their best possible attributes and to encourage participation from all members. The program is a great equalizer, making sure that the contributions of the rank and file employees are as important as those of the department heads.

International Scrum Institute is dedicated to helping companies and IT professionals break down the barriers that prevent them from achieving their best. This is especially important for professionals in emerging and developed markets.
International Scrum Institute provides a quick, easy way to train professionals in the proper use of the software. Using their unique insights, they are able to learn new ways to maximize the impact of this software and to bring their companies efficiency and prosperity. While some course materials are offered for free, entering a Scrum course means having access to some of the best instructors in the business. This personal touch means that a certification from the Institute is more than just a piece of paper.
The International Scrum Institute has served such major companies as Apple, Adobe, Salesforce, Samsung, Deloitte, Dell, and Symantec. These prominent firms know that Scrum is a helpful tool for managing projects and understand its importance when it comes to updating the way they do business.

Ensuring that each IT professional has the tools that can help a workplace run to the best of its abilities is one of the main goals of the International Scrum Institute. The Institute’s website includes free audiobooks as a way of introducing companies to the ways in which Scrum can help them organize their work and provide for the best possible productivity and agility.

International Scrum Institute has been instrumental in spreading the word about the program and how it can help companies. Its professional staff truly understand the software and are able to answer questions about a variety of related topics. The Institute believes that education is its primary mission.

Scrum may be one of the best new tools for project management, but many IT professionals are not aware of how the program works or how it can revolutionize the way they look at their workload. The International Scrum Institute wants to make sure that they spread the word about the program and encourage as many IT professionals as possible to take advantage of it.

The Institute will continue to provide thoughtful assistance to IT professionals around the world. Their giving program, highlighted by their scholarship, encourages young people to succeed in the world of information technology and other associated fields.